-Zoom in and out

Allows you to easily zoom in and out to see details without loss of resolution with our patented pixel on demand delivery system.


Allows you to pan smoothly through the page or pages


Emulates the page flipping of a real book, magazine or document

-Mosaic view

Find your article of interest easily and quickly by viewing all pages of a publication on a single screen instead of having to browse through page after page. Just enlarge the page you want by clicking on the page and zooming in.

-Embed videos, audio and flash objects

Embed videos, audio (such as podcasts or music) and flash objects into your ebook, magazine or edocument allowing you to differentiate the content from a physical book and make it come alive


Can bookmark pages and take notes

-Clip and save

Clip images, articles, recipes, comic strips or whatever catches your interest by saving them under “My Clippings.” Additional comments can be made and saved with the clipped information, and also printed for collection or distribution.

-Content protection

Are you worried about unauthorized content usage? Viewzio’s service splits the content into many small random pieces so the user will have to meticulously put it back together much like a paper shredder. This characteristic prevents unauthorized content usage.

-Cost Reduction

Minimize printing and distribution costs by using Viewzio. You can create and publish your content online at a substantially lower cost and even reach out further to all Internet users.

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