Simple features made powerful

  • Convert your pdf or images into a page flipping book or magazine.
  • Create an Exact digital rendering of your physical book, magazine or document.
  • Allow turning or “flipping” of the pages as you would in a physical book or magazine.
  • Zoom in and out with 100% clarity with our patented image layering technology.
  • Enhance or add audio and video to your page flipping ebook.

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What is viewzio?

Viewzio (pronounced « zoom-ee-oh ») allows you to publish ebooks, emagazines and documents that look exactly like the real physical thing with page flipping and zooming in and out.You allow your readers to view your content in exactly the right formatting and look and feel you desire.You can also provide your readers with an exact digital replica of the physical book, magazine, or document you sold or provided them.Sales circulars, holiday catalogs, annual reports, magazines, brochures, books, newspapers, fancy coffee table books, and legal documents are some examples of how our service is being used.

Viewzio technology

We utilize a patented image layering technology that delivers to the user only the relevant pixels needed for 100% image and text clarity while maintaining the most efficient bandwidth utilization and the fastest speed in its category..

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